Leo LR 373 Zero heroes

John Wolf Brennan/Peggy Lee/Dylan Van Der Schyff

John Wolf Brennan, piano, prepared piano, melodica; Peggy Lee, cello; Dylan Van Der Schyff, drums, percussion.

  1. Eastern front (04.16)
  2. Anyway - was there ever nothing? (08.56)
  3. Be flat (BC version) (06.01)
  4. Powerful stranger (04.31)
  5. Ants on Mars (05.48)
  6. The ocean's answer (03.31)
  7. Zooming on a corner of the Mandelbrot Set (05.06)
  8. Let it find you (05.15)
  9. Western front (08.13)
  10. Zero heroes (06.29)
Recorded live at the Western Front, Vancouver, Canada on 3 March 2002.

Front cover (reproduced above) photograph by John Wolf Brennan; design by Lora Denis.

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