Leo CD LR 401 In walked Art


Richard Carr, violin; Mike Nord, guitar, electronics; Georg Hofmann, drums, percussion; Art Maddox, piano; Randy Kem, saxophones.

    1-2: Ode to the innocent (Dedicated to the children of Iraq)
  1. Sunrise on the Tigris (04.46)
  2. Sunset on the Tigris (04.29)
  3. Jumpy (03.54)
  4. In walks Art (11.26)
  5. Oddball/Into the dust (10.14)
  6. Days of wires and pauses (03.40)
  7. Make yer point (07.15)
  8. This too (06.32)
Recorded on 17 January 2003 at Don Ross Productions Eugene, Oregon except track 8, live mix for broadcast on Sonarchy Radio recorded on 24 January 2003 at Jack Straw Productions, Seattle, Washington. Design (front cover reproduced above) by Lora Denis.
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