Leo LR 442 The soul with longing for dim hills

Masashi Harada/Mat Maneri

Masashi Harada, piano; Mat Maneri, viola.

  1. Mirror resembling dream (05.41)
  2. What is there then? (06.08)
  3. The soul with longing for dim hills and faint horizons (08.27)
  4. Quiet wanders laughing (05.29)
  5. My memory has magnified (08.58)
  6. Mans own resinous heart had fed (09.18)
  7. I talked about an apparition (10.01)
Recorded on 15 February 2001 at Rear Window Studio, Brookline, Mass.

Front cover painting (reproduced above) by Masashi Harada; artwork by Lora Denis.

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