Leo CD LR 453/454 With the Creative Jazz Orchestra

Anthony Braxton

Creative Jazz Orchestra: Nick Purnell, artistic director; Mark White, trumpet; Richard Iles, trumpet; Chris Bridges, trombone; Robin Hayward, tuba; Iain Dixon, reeds; Jim Hunt, reeds; Andy Schofield, reeds; Susanna Gibbon, violin; Steve Wilkie, violin; Sara Swain, viola; Andrew Wardale, cello; Jackie Perkins, voice; Lesley Davies, voice; Paul Phoenix, voice; Paul McNamara, voice; Philippa Tunnell, harp; Mike Walker, guitar; Roy Powell, keyboards; Nikki Iles, piano; Gary Culshaw, bass; Eryl Roberts, drums; Liz Gilliver, tuned percussion; Anthony Braxton, conductor.

    CD 1
  1. Composition no. 175 for two vocalists, creative orchestra and constructed environment (43.31)
    CD 2
  1. Composition no. 126 Trillium-Dialogues M act 1 (33.50)
  2. Composition no. 126 Trillium-Dialogues M act 2 (14.37)
Recorded on 15 May 1994 at Sadlers Wells Theatre, London as part of the London Jazz Festival.

Design (front cover reproduced above) by Lora Denis.

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