Leo Records CD LR 472 Boohoo fever

George Burt/Raymond MacDonald Sextet featuring Keith Tippett

George Burt, guitar; Raymond MacDonald, alto and soprano saxophone; George Lyle, double bass; Nicola MacDonald, voice, melodica; Alyn Cosker, drums; Keith Tippett, piano.

  1. Rude dwellings (06.06)
  2. Glen Eyrie (04.29)
  3. Ito's vanity (07.51)
  4. Mr Dolphin's gig (04.34)
  5. The forgotten croft (03.50)
  6. The Yokohama railroad (04.50)
  7. I have lost all my clothes (01.18)
  8. The gallery (08.21)
  9. The nangarenes (14.20)
Recorded in March 2006 at An Tobar Arts Centre, Tobermory, Mull.

Front cover painting (reproduced above) by Ivo Perelman.

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