Loose Torque LT001 Antwerp 1988

Fast Colour

John Stevens, drums; Harry Beckett, trumpet; Evan Parker, tenor saxophone; Dudu Pukwana, alto and soprano saxophones; Pinise Saul, voice; Nick Stephens, double bass; Annie Whitehead, trombone, voice.

  1. Now time (05.16)
  2. Way it goes (12.23)
  3. John Dyani's gone (08.53)
  4. Don't throw it away (12.35)
  5. Mbizo (05.17)
  6. Way it goes/Now time (07.11)
Recorded live at WIM concert, Antwerp on 5 August 1988.

Cover artwork and design (reproduced above) by Fay Stephens.

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