Loose Torque LT013 Don't answer it

The Schizo Quartet

Jon Corbett, trumpet; Nick Stephens, double bass.

  1. Loose talk (09.47)
  2. Why so blue (05.00)
  3. Don't answer it! (04.19)
  4. (a) Your three are a right pair (b) If ever there was one (08.23)
  5. Sunday meeting (06.40)
  6. That reminds me (04.26)
  7. In vino veritas (07.12)
  8. Smoking room (03.56)
  9. Happiness is a warm zippo (09.15)
Recorded in September 2006 in Northwood, Middlesex.

Cover photography and design (reproduced above) by Fay Stephens.

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