Lyra ML 0660 The Black Sea Project

The Black Sea Project

Ivo Papazov, clarinet; Ergün Senlendirici, trumpet; Floros Floridis, soprano saxophone, bass clarinet; Alexander Alexandrov, bassoon; Anatoly Stefanet, viola; Nariman Umerov, accordion; Enver Ismailov, electric guitar; Hari Tavitian, piano; Zurab Gagnice, electric bass; Akay Temiz, drums, percussion; Okay Temiz, percussion, drums.

  1. Horum Instabul (11.28)
  2. Paramashivam smile (13.49)
  3. Tekez zortlatmasi (11.34)
  4. Folk song (06.23)
  5. Moving wagon (12.57)
Recorded in Istanbul on 26 October presumably 1996 and not 1966 as it says on CD.

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