Mash CD003-2 Let's fall out

Sylvia Hallett

Sylvia Hallett, violin, vocals, accordion, keyboards, hurdy-gurdy, etc; Susanna Ferrar, violin.

  1. Bottled visions (08.49)
  2. Yarn in the garden (no rush) (01.17)
  3. My love is likea hedge (01.58)
  4. Sweet house a) Private rented sector; b) Postperson; c) Fleas in the floorboards; d) Spider (07.31)
  5. Fall in to fall out a) Chute (04.47)
  6. Fall in to fall out b) Turf (10.38)
  7. Tail of dust (02.17)
  8. One more holiday (04.48)
  9. Let's fall out (05.12)
  10. Spoilt for choice (05.19)
  11. Chopin's mother (06.24)
Recorded at The Steam Room Studios, London, February/March 1994.

Cover painting by Gina Southgate.

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