Matchless MRCD47 Seventh of May 2001: Freedom of the city, radical improvised musics

Various musicians

    CD.1 - the afternoon
  1. Bark![Rex Caswell, electric guitar; Phillip Marks, drums; Paul Obermayer, electronics]: @ 2.30pm [3 parts] (24.38)
  2. Eddie Prévost, solo percussion: @ 3.15pm (19.19)
  3. Charaoui/Lely/Wright [Yann Charaoui, snare drum, vocals; John Lely, piano, electronics; Seymour Wright, alto saxophone]: @ 3.45pm (21.02)
    CD.2 - the evening
  1. Eddie Prévost Trio [Eddie Prévost, drums; Tom Chant, sopranos saxophone; John Edwards, double bass]: @ 7.30pm (35.23)
  2. Particles [Romuald Wadych, bass guitar, effects; Sandy Kindness, tenor saxophone; Tim Goldie, drums; Ross Lambert, electric guitar]: @ 8.15pm (17.06)
  3. Wadych and Dubovtsev [Romuald Wadych, bass guitar; Denis Dubovtsev, soprano saxophone]: @ 8.45pm (04.52)
  4. Tilbury and Parker [John Tilbury, piano; Evan Parker, tenor saxophone]: @ 9.15pm (20.03)
All recorded on 7 May 2001 at Freedom of the city festival, Conway Hall, London.

Front cover artwork (reproduced above) Untitled installation by Tim Goldie; photograph by Stephan Elecocks.

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