Matchless MRCD70 That mysterious forest below London Bridge

Various musicians

Tom Chant, soprano and tenor saxophone (1); Ross Lambert, guitar (1); Sebastian Lexer, piano, laptop (1); Matt Milton, violin (1); Jamie Coleman, trumpet (2); Mark Wastell, Indian harmonium (2); Seymour Wright, alto saxophone (2); AMM [Eddie Prévost, percussion; John Tilbury, piano] (3).

  1. Chant_Lambert_Lexer_Milton_09/11/06 (21.09)
  2. Coleman_Wastell_Wright_09/11/06 (21.45)
  3. AMM_09/11/06 (25.34)
Recorded at Shunt Lounge, London Bridge on 9 November 2006.

Front cover photograph (reproduced above) by Sebastian Lexer.

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