Megaphone 009 The virtual violin

Jon Rose

Jon Rose, violins, etc; Laetitia Royackers, voice (track 3), Shelley Hirsch, voice.

  1. The Orchestra of Ancient Guts 1 (04.07)
  2. Mr Aha May comes to town (10.25)
  3. The future looks more and more just like the past (04.30)
  4. The Orchestra of Ancient Guts 2 (03.53)
  5. Play it again, Doc (38.34)
  6. The virtual violin (CD version) (06.01)
  7. Rosenberg in the outback (03.10)
'Written, composed (mostly) and performed by Jon Rose, 1990.

Booklet design (front cover reproduced above) by Jon Rose, John Berndt and Jason Willett; typesetting and graphics by John Berndt.

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