Meniscus Records MNSCS 008 Clarient: 9 pieces for solo Bb clarinet

Vinny Golia

Vinny Golia, Bb clarinet.

  1. Joined to the songs of ancestry (for Davige) (05.23)
  2. Back to the Interstate (dedication; Ben Stone) (05.06)
  3. Ape and the spotted salamander (08.55)
  4. Darkwood plinth (07.53)
  5. Collapse of the crane (09.03)
  6. Rictus of revenge (09.27)
  7. Momona of the stairs (05.42)
  8. That's just Billy talk... (06.27)
  9. The last one was what the first one should be (09.04)
Recorded 6 November 2000 at Newzone Studio, Los Angeles.

Cover art (reproduced above) by Jaron Childs; design Amy Wencel.

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