mikroton cd 2 Palmar Zähler

Alan Courtis/Jaime Genovart/Christof Kurzmann/Pablo Reche

Alan Courtis, homemade violin, contact mic, mp3, tapes and processing; Jaime Genovart, recording, synth, soft; Christof Kurzmann, lloopp, clarinet, voice; Pablo Reche, minidisc, ipod, alesis nanoverb, korg MS10.
  1. Einklang (10.26)
  2. Uranio agreste (10.35)
  3. Bleimmazorca (07.41)
  4. Berilio (05.58)
  5. Medanos de yodo (03.15)
  6. Agent remolacha (06.33)
Recorded on 19 May 2008 at Studio INCLANG, Buenos Aires.

Cover photograph (front cover reproduced above) by ograma; design by biomedia.com.ar.

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