mikroton cd 8 Hammeriver

Clare Cooper/Chris Abrahams/Christof Kurzmann/Tobias Delius/Clayton Thomas/Werner Dafeldecker/Tony Buck

Clare Cooper, harp; Chris Abrahams, piano; Christof Kurzmann, lloopp; Tobias Delius, clarinet, tenor saxophone; Clayton Thomas, double bass; Werner Dafeldecker, double bass; Tony Buck, drums.
  1. Second stabbing (Ohnedaruth) (10.48)
  2. First free (07.07)
  3. E (13.01)
  4. DD (05.38)
  5. Heartbreaker (03.28)
Recorded in 2007 in the former East-Berlin Radio Station Saal 3.

Screen print and graphic design (front cover reproduced above) by Clare Cooper.

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