Moers Music 03000 CD Cyberband

Richard Teitelbaum

Richard Teitelbaum, Kurzweil K2000, Yamaha Disklavier, Macintosh PowerBook 160; Tom Cora, cello, Eventide ultra-harmonizer, sensor lab controller; Fred Frith, guitar, prepared guitar and electronics; George Lewis, trombone, IVL pitch rider, Proteus/2 and Macintosh PowerBook 145; Otomo Yoshide, turntables, CD player, mini disc; Michel Waiswisz, The Hands; Carlos Zingaro, violin, IVL pitch rider 4000, Yamaha TG 55, SPX 1000.

Hard ticket (08.13), Emperor walks [the marionette] (07.32), Sunrise on the sprawl (07.24), Duo (05.54), Whirled bands (07.37), Running up and (08.08), Coming abstractions (15.34).

Recorded live in performance at the 1993 Moers Festival.

Cover illustrations (reproduced above) by Carlos Zingaro; design by Volker Biesen.

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