Moers Music 01070

Günter Christmann

Günter Christmann, trombone, double bass, and other instruments; other musicians as indicated:

  1. Trombath (04.30); trombone, live during Hohe-Ufer-Konzerte, May 1978.
  2. Airmade (03.05); composition for breathquartet [W. Kicia; J. Goebel; E. Schipper; G. Christmann] and bottle with compressed air.
  3. Po-sau-ne (03.20); trombone, improvisation based on the word 'Posaune'; speakers T. Soejima; M.v.R. Altena; K. Kusche; J. Goebel; E. Schipper; G. Christmann.
  4. Salute maestro Bodio (03.00); double bass.
  5. Split tongues (04.05); trombone, modulated by "Experimentalstudio der Heinrich Strobel Stiftung des SWF e.V".
  6. Saitensprünge (06.40); double bass.
  7. ...Orkane, von je, Partikelgestöber, das andere...(Paul Celan)... (04.30); trombone, voice, crackle box, transistor radio.
  8. Call for Mr Lem (02.20); breath and reedsound modulated by tapespeed.
  9. Mandolympia (02.25); mandoline(s), typrwriter.
  10. Sinjuku (02.00); collage with live recordings from Tokyo/Sinjuku.
Recorded 1976-1979. Cover design (reproduced above) by Jürgen Pankarz/Günter Christmann.

Released on LP only.

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