Bôłt Records Populista BR POP02 play Mauricio Kagel Ludwig van

Frédéric Blondy/DJ Lenar

Frédéric Blondy, piano; DJ Lenar, turntable.

  1. The Key. A Shattering Story of Otto Tomek and his Companions (Musicologists) (02.55)
  2. The Table. Old, Exotic and Electric (02.53)
  3. The Locker. Him with Anecdotes (01.09)
  4. The Wall. One Page May (00.30)
  5. The Treadle. Edited without Sound (01.04)
  6. The Stand. Without Destroying his Property (01.34)
  7. The Movie. Beethoven is Modern (00.10)
  8. The Chair. Not a Rumba (Cuban) (00.18)
  9. The Needle. Whole as well as Speed (02.46)
  10. The Window. Enhancing Banality or Pedestrian Allusions (01.30)
  11. The Angel. Beethoven House Invented at Liberty (05.19)
  12. The Chair. Not a Rumba (Catalan) (00.18)
  13. The Frame. At Each Blur (02.28)
  14. The Movie. Spectator Beethoven (Bamsterdam) (01.24)
  15. The Deaf. Abolition by No Means (01.24)
  16. The Wheel. Opportunity to Execute (03.30)
  17. The Board. Largo in D minor from the Fifth Piano Trio, Op. 70 No. 1 in D major (02.52)
Recorded at Zacheta National Gallery of Art, Warsaw on 19 March 2011.

Artwork (front cover reproduced above) by Aleksandra Waliszewska; layout by Piotr Bukowski.

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