Monotype Records Mono 037 Become objects of daily use


Alessandro Bosetti, voice, electronics; Kenta Nagai, fretless guitar; Tony Buck, drums; Rozemarie Heggen, double bass samples (track 4).

  1. This is not the same as chanting (07.14)
  2. He was a very foxy gentleman (10.57)
  3. Hotels are ripping you off in D.C. (01.39)
  4. He came close to simply proceeding (14.08)
  5. Enumerating issues of coexistence (02.13)
  6. In the backseat listen to him talk (05.28)
  7. Let me take out the dog (06.07)
  8. Spaceship (07.04)
Recorded in Berlin on 7 June 2010.

Front cover photograph (reproduced above) by Roberta Frateschi; cover design by Mirt.

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