Monotype Records Mono 040 The crying of Lot 69

Eugene S. Robinson/Philippe Petit

Eugene S. Robinson, vocals, words; Philippe Petit, processed acoustic field recordings, electronics, turntables, inflatable balloons, prepared guitar; Rhys Chatham, trumpet (track 1); Helena Espvall, cello (tracks 2, 3); Hervé Vincenti, acoustic guitar (track 6), synths (tracks 2-4).

  1. The table, the stone (06.38)
  2. Modern trends in modernity (07.30)
  3. In my curiosity (07.48)
  4. Change in total (09.30)
  5. What eros is (04.36)
  6. The right eye cast (07.54)
Composed in 2009 by Eugene S. Robinson & Philippe Petit.

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