Dyscfunctional 2/3 The 5th Anniversary concerts: SET 2

46,000 Fibres with Lol Coxhill

46,000 Fibres [Tonal D, synths, transcendent; Leon Maurice-Jones, drums, synths; Nick Rowan, red guitar; Hoof, jp8000; Malbo, sampler, mixer] Lol Coxhill, soprano saxophone (track 1 only).

  1. 46,000 Fibres with Lol Coxhill 19.3.99@21.36hrs (46.31)
  2. Archive track: the public domain (16.01)
Track 1 recorded at Upstairs at the Garage; track 2 recorded live at the Kosmiche on 26 April 1997.

Design (front cover reproduced above) by Paul@charlatan using photos by Nick Rowan from video by R. Clarke.

Released as a single CD and also as part of a 3 CD box set 'The 5th Anniversary concerts'.

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