mutable 17502-2 The visibility of thought

Muhal Richard Abrams

Jon Deak, contrabass (track 1); Joseph Kubera, piano (tracks 1, 2, 4); Mark Feldman, violin (track 2); Thomas Buckner, baritone voice (track 3); ETHEL [Ralph Farris, viola; Dorothy Lawson, cello; Todd Reynolds, violin; Mary Rowell, violin] (track 3); Philip Bush, piano (track 4); Muhal Richard Abrams, computer, synthesizer, sequencer, piano (tracks 5, 6).
  1. Duet for contrabass and piano (06.01)
  2. Duet for violin and piano (10.01)
  3. Baritone voice and string quartet (10.38)
  4. Piano duet #1 (10.48)
  5. The visibility of thought (05.14)
  6. Piano improvisation (29.05)
Recorded at Systems Two, Brooklyn, NY in August and December 2000.

Front cover art (reproduced above) by Muhal Richard Abrams; design by Matt Schickele.

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