mutable 17503-2 Day of love: the music of Mel Graves

Mel Graves

Day of love: text by Pablo Neruda; Mel Graves, contrabass; Bob Afifi, flute; Thomas Buckner, baritone voice; Global village: ETHEL [Ralph Farris, viola; Dorothy Lawson, cello; Todd Reynolds, violin; Mary Rowell, violin].
    Day of love
  1. Introduction (02.21)
  2. Morning (03.04)
  3. Your breast is enough (07.09)
  4. Adonic Angela (02.15)
  5. Body of a woman (04.10)
  6. Bass interlude (02.51)
  7. Leaning into the afternoon (03.38)
  8. We have lost even (06.05)
  9. The morning is full (04.21)

    Global village
  10. Dance of life - dance of the whirling dervish (09.41)
  11. Dance of death - dance of the shaman (06.51)
  12. Dance of the global village (06.49)
Recorded at Systems Two, Brooklyn, NY in January 1998.

Front cover painting (reproduced above) by Susan Adams; design by Matt Schickele.

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