mutable 17512-2 Transporting transmittance: the music of J. B. Floyd

J. B. Floyd

J. B. Floyd, piano; Thomas Buckner, baritone voice; Lisa Hansen, flute.
  1. A transporting transmittance for transverse flute and disklavier (09.48)

    From - a hundred little 3-D pictures
  2. New York, New York (04.56)
  3. The 3-D picture of death (08.06)
  4. A golden stone (04.25)

    Improvisations on Robert Ashley's "eL/Aficionado" for Disklavier
  5. A simple border crossing (07.19)
  6. Viva's boy (06.20)

  7. Solos and sequences II (07.59)
Front cover image (reproduced above) by John Pearson; design by Matt Schickele.

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