mutable 17529-2 The somewhere songs/The invention of memory

"Blue" Gene Tyranny

On The somewhere songs: Thomas Buckner, baritone voice; Peter Gordon, saxophone. On The invention of memory: Thomas Buckner, baritone voice; Alan Johnson, conductor; Conrad Harris, first violin; Pauline Kim, second violin; Lev Zhurbin, viola; Ariane Lallemand, cello; Jay Elfinbein, bass; Luke Winslow-King, resonator guitar; "Blue" Gene Tyranny, piano.
    The somewhere songs (1987-2000)
  1. Somewhere in Arizona 1970 (1987) (10.04)
  2. Somewhere in search of heaven, A.D. 999(1999) (08.24)
  3. Somewhere inside the red circle (2001) (06.01)
  4. The invention of memory (2003)

  5. I. Now minus one (01.13)
  6. II. What I feel now (02.36)
  7. III. I can't get you out of my mind (and I don't want to) (03.10)
  8. IV. I felt you calling me (03.49)
  9. V. Don't forget (our strange love) (05.03)
  10. VI. Her name was... wait a minute (05.47)
  11. VII. You've been here before (stop the unending war) (06.01)
  12. VIII. If memory serves me well (rescue the rejected) (03.50)
  13. IX. now plus one (03.26)
Tracks 1-3 recorded at Systems II, Brooklyn (environmental and electronic sounds recorded by BGT); tracks 4-12 recorded at Systems II, Brooklyn.

Front cover photograph (reproduced above) by Philip Makanna; CD design by

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