Mycophile Records SPOR 02 Formative causation


Adam Bohman, prepared violin, balalaika, objects; Ron Briefel, electronics, sound projection; Fred Sansom, prepared guitar, electronics; Clive Hall, percussion, piano; Michael Prime, water machine, radio, strings, electronics and sound projection; Roger Sutherland, percussion, piano, strings.

  1. Deep virus (10.57)
  2. Kaon (09.06)
  3. Cavity of light (05.16)
  4. Tide of shadow (11.16)
  5. Isobar (04.41)
  6. Exfoliation (09.18)
  7. Entelechy (06.12)
Recorded 1986; track 4 recorded at West Square Electronic Music Festival on 19 July 1986; track 5 recorded at One Tree Hill on 2 August 1986.

Cover (reproduced above) by Emma O'bong.

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