nato 112036 Zombie bloodbath on the Isle of Dogs

The Recedents

Mike Cooper, guitar, slide guitar, Casio, voice; Lol Coxhill, sopranino and soprano saxophones, slide saxophone, Casio + RX bongos and cymbals, Italian folk clarinet, SK5, voice; Roger Turner, percussion, voice, fono fiddle, electronics, EMS synth.

Zombie bloodbath on the Isle of Dogs (04.17), Incident at Mudchute (02.30), Nurse Dayton's fancy (03.34), Millwall inner docks (03.54), Routine op (01.56), Lighter and brighter (02.37), Be silent (03.50), Rumpus in the crypt (03.33), Under threat (10.00), Country garotte (03.09), The real sounds of Zombiya (01.13), The palace of fun (02.48), Zombie rehabilitation (01.00).

Recorded in 1988 at Studio HD Audio Engineering.

Cover illustration (reproduced above) by Pierre Cornuel.

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