nato 439 10:02

Lol Coxhill/Daniel Deshays

Lol Coxhill, voice and soprano saxophone: treated and acoustic; Daniel Deshays, sound treatment.

On golden flaque (04.18), Fromage a Varèse, including Regardez Edgar (04.12), Solitudinette (08.32), Ceux qu'ils aiment, including Keep it on the island (03.57), Cleito, including Tap dancing (04.59), Un homme au plafond, including Practice makes (03.26), Amies Américaines (02.07), Choral a tchang (02.36), Sergent de ville très occupé (01.82), Tea for two, including Fortitude (05.07).

Recorded 25 and 26 March 1985 at Marly-le-roi.

Cover illustration (reproduced above) by Pierre Cornuel.

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