nato 565 Dancing the line - Anne Marie Beretta

Steve Beresford/Anne Marie Beretta

Steve Beresford, piano, voice, Yamaha DX7, drum machine Yamaha RX11; Kazuko Hohki, voice; Alan Hacker, clarinets, Basset horn, soprano saxophone; David Toop, flute, alto flute, bamboo flutes, guitars; Andrew Brenner, lyrics; Anne Marie Beretta, fashions.

Tendance (04.25), Sand from a desert (03.49), Hiver 83/84 (01.48), Lover of paradox (01.59), Snap (01.41), Un aimant vivant (04.09), Altitude (03.20), Clins d'oeil (04.55), Comfortable gestures (03.21), Eté 82 (02.42), Gift of linen (03.20), Horse tail (02.25), Cicada (02.30).

'When Anne Marie Beretta talks about her designs, it's easy to start making connections with music. She mixes hard and soft textures, for instance, liking paradox. She talks of colour as a sort of visual music.': SB.

Recorded 2 to 13 October 1985, at Studio nato in Chantenay.

Front cover (reproduced above) by Pierre Cornuel.

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