nato 707 Pop out eyes

British summer time ends

Clive Bell, voice, flutes, khenes, crumhorn, accordion, balloons, percussion; Sylvia Hallett, voice, piano, violin, trombone, drums, percussion, etc; Stuart Jones, voice, cello, bass guitar, trumpet, percussion, etc.

Be my baby (03.29), Helicopter (01.26), Fish for breakfast: haddock, halibut and hake (05.01), Irish eyes (04.15), Nine unknown Uranian moons (02.43), Stanley Spencer [1891-1959] (08.11), The venerable figs (03.09), Frozen trombone (01.46), One today (00.32), Frank sonata (01.46), Nam pring (02.55).

Recorded 19-22 January 1986 at Studio nato.

Cover painting (reproduced above) by Pierre Cornuel.

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