nato 907 Barbecue strut

The Recedents

Mike Cooper, electric lap steel guitar, acoustic National Steel guitar, self-made string instruments, table top percussion guitar, drum machine, tape treatments, Mylord metal coat rack; Lol Coxhill, sopranino and soprano saxophones, Casio rhythm/keyboards VL 1&5, harmonium, piano, Acme bird call, touch synth, voice, tape treatments; Roger Turner, drums, metal, EMS synthi-A, Chatanooga gas drum, log.

Highly perpendicular (05.10), Nylon? (02.25), Big tensions (02.20), Chinchon (09.31), Jour de fete (02.11), Glances exchanged between nurses (03.55), Cote a ouvrir (05.10), Hawaiian gravity (03.40), Pearl dropper (02.25), Deterred man (06.31).

Recorded in 1986 at Studio nato.

Cover illustration (reproduced above) by Pierre Cornuel.

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