Nato 574/ISBN: 2-84907-574-4 Le chronatoscaphe

Le chronatoscaphe is a 128-page book celebrating 25 years of nato and chabada through a mixture of cartoons from thirteen contributors, 60 pages of photographs by Guy Le Querrrec, 25 pages of essay and commentary (all in French), a discography, and 3 CDs celebrating the wide variety of music and musicians recorded for the labels during this time. The photographs are excellent and most are not widely known: Evan Parker glanced over Charlie Watts' shoulder, Michel Doneda in an outdoor duo with John Zorn, Han Bennink in the woods, Don and Neneh Cherry, The Melody Four (both the three and the four of them), and lots of Lol Coxhill. The 3 CDs contain tracks that have never previously been available on CD, in addition to those that have been unavailable for some time. Interspersed between the 'real' tracks are snippets and combinations from other recordings, given the generic title, Radio Chronatoscaphe.

  1. Tenga niña by Jacques Thollot, Tony Hymas, Noël Akchoté, Claude Tchamitchian, Henry Lowther (02.29) from Tenga niña, recorded 1995
  2. Radio Chronatoscaphe (00.26)
  3. To Neneh by Don from Jacques by Michael Lewis, Adam Linz, JT Bates (03.47) from The art of Cherry, recorded 2003
  4. Radio Chronatoscaphe (00.04)
  5. Sons et negros en Cuba by Violeta Ferrer, Tony Coe, François Tusques (02.20) from Poemas de Fédérico Garcia Lorca vol. 2, recorded 1984
  6. Radio Chronatoscaphe (00.08)
  7. Pièce en forme de Habanera by Alan Hacker, Karen Evans (03.02) from Hacker Ilk 2, recorded 1987
  8. Radio Chronatoscaphe (00.13)
  9. Baby, won't you please come home by Lol Coxhill, Stan Greig (03.14) from Before my time, recorded 1987
  10. Radio Chronatoscaphe (00.06)
  11. Isabelle record boxes by Günter Sommer, Ernst Ludwig Petrowsky, Ulrich Gumpert, Conrad Bauer (04.24) from Ascenseur pur le 28, recorded 1984
  12. Radio Chronatoscaphe (00.07)
  13. Fla flu by Michel Doneda, Hugh Burns, Laurence Cottle, Stuart Elliott (02.25) from General Gramofon, recorded 1988
  14. Radio Chronatoscaphe (00.14)
  15. Romance de la guardia civil Española by Violeta Ferrer, Raymond Boni (05.51) from Poemas de F. Garcia Lorca, recorded 1981
  16. Radio Chronatoscaphe (00.05)
  17. Crazy Horse by Tony Hymas, John Trudell, Jeff Beck, Hugh Burns, Stuart Elliott (05.20) from Oyaté, recorded 1989-1990
  18. Radio Chronatoscaphe (00.07)
  19. Le départ des fauves by Denis Levaillant, Kenny Wheeler, Tony Coe, Yves Robert, Barre Phillips, Pierre Favre (03.49) from Barium circus, recorded 1984
  20. Radio Chronatoscaphe (00.08)
  21. Petite fleur by Lol Coxhill, Pat Thomas (04.06) from Vol pour Sidney (aller), recorded 1992
  22. Radio Chronatoscaphe (00.05)
  23. Pacific by Jac Berrocal, Daunik Lazro, Sylvia Hallett, Pierre Bastien, Tony Marsh, Carol McGovern (01.14) from Alternate cake, recorded 1986
  24. Radio Chronatoscaphe (00.15)
  25. Jour de fête by The Recedents [Lol Coxhill, Mike Cooper, Roger Turner] (02.12) from Barbecue strut, recorded 1986
  26. Pavane by Joëlle Léandre, Annick Nozati, Irène Schweizer (0.56) from Les douze sons, recorded 1982
  27. La paloma (00.31)
  28. La paloma by The Melody Four [Coxhill, Beresford, Coe, Yves Rochard] (02.39) from La paloma, single recorded 1983
  29. Radio Chronatoscaphe (00.16)
  30. Surviving by Mike Cooper, Lol Coxhill, Noël Akchoté, Hélène Labarrièe, Erick Borelva (04.18) from Island songs, recorded 1994
  31. Radio Chronatoscaphe (01.17)
  32. Musique pour une cérémonie by Louis Sclavis (04.28) from Ad Augusta per Angustia, recorded 1981
  33. Radio Chronatoscaphe (00.27)
  34. Rappel by François Mechali, Beb Guérin (07.50) from Conversations, recorded 1980
  35. Radio Chronatoscaphe (00.14)
  36. El café de chinitas by Violeta Ferrer, François Tusques, Tony Coe, Sylvain kassap, Lol Coxhill (02.51) from Petit disque à effet régulateur de fonds, single recorded 1982
  37. Radio Chronatoscaphe (00.09)
  38. Altitude by Steve Beresford, David Toop, Alan Hacker(03.19) from Dancing the line, recorded 1985
  39. Radio Chronatoscaphe (00.06)
  40. Même sous la pluie by Kazuko Hohki, Steve Beresford, Tony Coe, Jean Méreu, Yves Robert, Cyril Lefebvre, Olly Blanchflower, Jean-Pierre Arnoux, Steve Argüelles (02.10) from Love in rainy days, recorded 1988-90
  41. Radio Chronatoscaphe (00.20)
  1. Radio Chronatoscaphe (00.05)
  2. Open season by Jef Lee Johnson, Sonny Thompson, Michael Bland (09.08) from News from the jungle, recorded 2001
  3. Radio Chronatoscaphe (00.09)
  4. Riding Oklahoma by Tony Hymas, Barney Bush, Evan Parker, Jean-François Pauvros, Jonathan Kane, Geraldine Barney (04.49) from Left for dead, recorded 1993
  5. Radio Chronatoscaphe (00.04)
  6. New cross gate by Jean-François Pauvros, Stan Sulzman, Sabu Bhugobaun, Julian Fenton, Frank Ricotti (01.48) from Hamster attack, recorded 1987
  7. Radio Chronatoscaphe (00.10)
  8. Si tu vois ma mère by The Lonely Bears (04.29) from Vol pour Sidney (aller), recorded 1991
  9. Radio Chronatoscaphe (00.07)
  10. Hank's pantry by Alterations [Toop, Cusack, Day, Beresford] (02.40) from My favorite animals, recorded 1984
  11. Radio Chronatoscaphe (00.16)
  12. Les animauxdu monde by The Melody Four (01.45) from TV? mais oui!, recorded 1986
  13. The pink panther by Tony Coe Chris Laurence, Tony Hymas (05.00) from Mainly Mancini, recorded 1985
  14. Radio Chronatoscaphe (00.10)
  15. Le serpent python by Steve Beresford & orchestra (04.02) from L'extraordinaire jardin de Charles Trenet, recorded 1988
  16. Radio Chronatoscaphe (00.04)
  17. QRN sur Bretzelburg by Tony Hymas, Lis Perry, Tony Coe, David Cox, Chris Laurence (04.37) from Bandes originales du journal de Spirou, recorded 1988
  18. Radio Chronatoscaphe (00.06)
  19. I spy by British Summer Time Ends (03.48) from Spy among the roses, recorded 1990-99
  20. Radio Chronatoscaphe (00.08)
  21. Jenny Mc Neilly by Kahondo Style [Kazuko Hohki, Sianed Jones, Alan Tomlinson, Clive Bell, Stuart Jones, Steve Noble, Peter Cusack] (03.11) from Green tea and crocodiles, recorded 1987
  22. Radio Chronatoscaphe (00.07)
  23. The nato calling by Steve Beresford, Terry Day, Deb'bora (03.21) from Alternate cake, recorded 1985
  24. Radio Chronatoscaphe (00.09)
  25. Art moderna cha cha cha by Max Eastley, Raymond Boni, Terry Day (02.15) from Les mistrals, recorded 1986
  26. Radio Chronatoscaphe (00.30)
  27. Huapango tejana by Lol Coxhill, Mike Adcock (03.31) from Café de la place, recorded 1985
  28. Radio Chronatoscaphe (00.06)
  29. The spirit of the old people, the spirit of the young people by Tony Hymas, Barney Bush, Merle Tendoy, Jonathan Kane (01.17) from Left for dead, recorded 1993
  30. Radio Chronatoscaphe (00.05)
  31. Live in Casablanca by Jef Lee Johnson, Hamid El Kasri, Chico Huff, Ted Thomas Jr (07.09) previously unreleased, recorded 2002
  32. Radio Chronatoscaphe (00.06)
  33. Par rayonnement by Denis Colin, Régis Huby, Didier Petit, Camel Zekri, Pablo Cueco (03.01) from Etude de terrain, recorded 1999
  34. Radio Chronatoscaphe (00.10)
  35. Vendredi 22 Septembre 1984 by Sam Rivers, Tony Hymas, Henry Lowther, etc. (06.09) from Eight day journal, recorded 1998
  36. Radio Chronatoscaphe (00.12)
  37. ¿ Ya Basta by Nathalie Richard with Mexican and Spanish birds (00.16) from Buenaventura Durruti, recorded 1996
  38. ¿ Basta Ya, by Noël Akchoté with Spanish and Mexican birds (01.39) from Buenaventura Durruti, recorded 1996
  1. Zugzwang 21 by Tony Hymas, Jef Lee Johnson, François Corneloup, David King(05.51) previously unreleased, recorded 2003
  2. Radio Chronatoscaphe (00.06)
  3. Crosstown traffic by Denis Colin Trio with Gwen Matthews (04.59) previously unreleased, recorded 2004
  4. Radio Chronatoscaphe (00.08)
  5. Ana Sefalelku by Ali Farka Touré, Tony Coe, John Barclay, Al Downey, Stuart Brooks, Malcolm Griffiths (05.20) from La voix d'itxassou, recorded 1989
  6. Radio Chronatoscaphe (00.14)
  7. Matoumatoumatourmalet by Tony Hymas, Michel Portal, Jef Lee Johnson, Sonny Thompson, Michael Bland (06.59) from Minneapolis tour guide, recorded 2002
  8. Radio Chronatoscaphe (00.25)
  9. Harley Davidson by Kazuko Hohki, Steve Beresford, etc. (03.30) from Kazuko Hohki chante Brigitte Bardot, recorded 1986
  10. Radio Chronatoscaphe (00.10)
  11. Le tourbillon, by Nathalie Richard, Pat Thomas, Geoffroy de Masure, Hélène Labarrière, Erick Borelva (06.33) from Les films de ma ville, recorded 1994
  12. Radio Chronatoscaphe (00.29)
  13. Que sera sera by Steve Beresford, Deb'bora, Tony Coe, Terry Day (00.58) from Eleven songs for Doris Day, recorded 1985
  14. Radio Chronatoscaphe (00.05)
  15. Surfing sausage by The Melody Four (02.38) from Shopping for melodies, recorded 1988
  16. Radio Chronatoscaphe (00.10)
  17. Théâtre by Michel Doneda (01.48) from Terra, recorded 1985
  18. Radio Chronatoscaphe (00.05)
  19. Tallulah by Steve Beresford, Tonie Marshall, John Zorn, David Toop (03.16) from Deadly weapons, recorded 1986
  20. Radio Chronatoscaphe (00.06)
  21. Chest by Arto Lindsay, Roli Mosiman, Clint Ruin, Lucy Hamilton (02.57) from Godard, ça vous chante?, recorded 1985
  22. Radio Chronatoscaphe (00.05)
  23. Quanah Parker by Tony Hymas, Eric Kamau Gravatt, Billy Peterson (05.27) from Hope Street MN, recorded 2001
  24. Radio Chronatoscaphe (00.05)
  25. Little Leo by Jef Lee Johnson (03.08) previously unreleased, recorded 2003
  26. Radio Chronatoscaphe (00.04)
  27. Left for dead part 2 by Tony Hymas, Barney Bush, Evan Parker, Jean-François Pauvros, Jonathan Kane, Geraldine Barney, etc (05.56) from Left for dead, recorded 1993
  28. Radio Chronatoscaphe (00.11)
  29. It will be by Happy Apple (04.56) from Youth oriented, recorded 2002
  30. Radio Chronatoscaphe (00.14)
  31. Dancing with the elders by The Lonely Bears (05.27) from Injustice, recorded 1992
  32. Vivan las utopias by Un drame musical instantané (06.42) from Buenaventura Durrutti, recorded 1996
  33. Cometa by Violeta Ferrer, François Tusques (00.24) from Poemas de Garcia Lorca vol 2, recorded 1984

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