NI-VU-NI-CONNU nvnc-lp001/004 Just not cricket! Three days of British improvised music in Berlin

Tom Arthurs/Steve Beresford/Tony Bevan/Matthew Bourne/Gail Brand/Lol Coxhill/Rhodri Davies/John Edwards/Shabaka Hutchings/Dominic Lash/Phil Minton/Eddie Prévost/Orphy Robinson/Mark Sanders/Alex Ward/Trevor Watts

Tom Arthurs, trumpet; Steve Beresford, piano, electronics; Tony Bevan, soprano and bass saxophones; Matthew Bourne, piano; Gail Brand, trombone; Lol Coxhill, soprano saxophone; Rhodri Davies, harp, electric harp; John Edwards, double bass; Shabaka Hutchings, clarinet, tenor saxophone; Dominic Lash, double bass; Phil Minton, voice; Eddie Prévost, drums, percussion; Orphy Robinson, vibraphone; Mark Sanders, drums; Alex Ward, clarinet, guitar; Trevor Watts, alto and soprano saxophones.

  1. Lol Coxhill/Alex Ward (04.40)
  2. Lol Coxhill/Eddie Prévost (16.08)
  3. Rhodri Davies/Orphy Robinson/Mark Sanders/Trevor Watts (22.47)
  1. Lol Coxhill/John Edwards/Phil Minton/Eddie Prévost/Trevor Watts (22.23)
  2. Tom Arthurs/John Edwards/Shabaka Hutchings/Mark Sanders/Alex Ward (19.24)
  1. Rhodri Davies/Shabaka Hutchings/Dominic Lash (04.40)
  2. Steve Beresford/Rhodri Davies/John Edwards/Phil Minton (05.57)
  3. Tom Arthurs/Steve Beresford/Phil Minton/Eddie Prévost (09.44)
  4. Tom Arthurs/Gail Brand/Dominic Lash/Alex Ward (09.16)
  5. Steve Beresford/Gail Brand/John Edwards (12.12)
  1. Tony Bevan/John Edwards/Shabaka Hutchings/Mark Sanders (10.21)
  2. Tony Bevan/John Edwards/Dominic Lash (10.15)
  3. Tom Arthurs/Steve Beresford/Matthew Bourne (07.03)
  4. Matthew Bourne/Mark Sanders/Trevor Watts (04.19)
  5. Gail Brand/Mark Sanders (12.18)

Recorded live at .HBC, Berlin, 6-8 October 2011.

LP box cover image (front cover reproduced above) by Tara Darby and Ben Weaver.

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