No Mans Land nml 9421 Switchbox

Frank Schulte

Ann Homler; vocals, toy instruments; Frank Gratkowski, reeds; Thomas Heberer, trumpets; Axel Otto, soundtable, toys, tapes; David Moss, drums, vocals, electronics; Jon Rose, vocals, electronics; Andres Bosshard, tape machinery, computer, matrix sound editing; Frank Samba, drums; Yoshihide Otomo, turntables, electric guitar; Dieter Manderscheid, bass; Waldemar Rogoya, speaker; Bernard Mixon, speaker; Peter Schweiger, speaker.

    A switched hour:
  1. (11.17)
  2. (10.43)
  3. (11.21)
  4. (12.23)
  5. (14.10)
Live studio networkrecording from May to December 1994 in Cologne Stadtgarten recording studio and concert hall.

Cover design (front cover reproduced above) by Meyer Voggenreiter.

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