No Business Records NBCD14-15 The complete recordings 1981/1983


Will Connell, Jr., flute, alto saxophone, bass clarinet, wood flutes; Jason Kao Hwang, violin, viola, bird calls; Zen Matsuura, drums, William Parker, string bass.

  1. Mountain song (03.31)
  2. The web of forces (06.33)
  3. Famine (05.07)
  4. Grassy hills, the sun (10.03)
  5. No name (11.00)
  6. Ocean (10.38)
  7. The pathway (06.25)
  8. Diary for one at night (21.58)
  1. Continuous (22.33)
  2. Grassy hills, the sun (16.16)
  3. Whole grain (09.48)
Tracks 1-5 on CD1 were recorded 13/14 October 1980 in New York City and originally released on Flying Panda Records. Tracks 6-8 on CD1 and all of CD2 were recorded live in Germany on 20 May 1983 and have not previously been released.

Cover picture (front cover reproduced above) created by Craig Sugimoto; design by Oskaras Anosovas.

The live in Germany tracks, in different running order, have also been issued on the LP, Live in Germany, 1983, NBLP14-15.

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