No Business Records NBCD42-47 Centering: unreleased early recordings 1976-1987

William Parker

William Parker, bass with musicians as indicated.

    Disc One
    William Parker-Daniel Carter duo: Daniel Carter, alto saxophone, trumpet; recorded at Donny Fury's studio, 1980:
  1. Thulin (28.33)
  2. Time and period (25.51)

  3. William Parker Ensemble: John Hagen, tenor saxophone; Arthur Williams, trumpet; recorded at Someplace Nice, New York, August 1977:
  4. Commitment (21.38)
    Disc Two
    Centering Dance Music Ensemble 1980: David S. Ware, tenor saxophone; Denis Charles, drums; Patricia Nicholson, dance; recorded at Kiva, New York, 9 May 1980:
  1. Facing the sun, one is never the same (24.18)
  2. One day understanding (22.28)
  3. Bass interlude (01.55)
  4. Tapestry (16.28)
    Disc Three
    Centering Dance Music Ensemble 1980 (continued):
  1. Rainbow light (26.56)

  2. William Parker-Charles Gayle duo: Charles Gayle, tenor saxophone; recorded at El Bohio, New York, 3 July 1987:
  3. Crosses (Long scarf over Canal Street) (18.39)
  4. Entrusted spirit (dedicated to Bilal Abdur Rahman) (19.08)

  5. Centering Dance Music Ensemble: Voices: Brenda Bakr, voice on 4, 6; Ellen Christi, voice on 5, 6; Lisa Sokolov, voice on 6; Rashid Bakr, drums; recorded circa 1980, location unknown:
  6. Angel dance (05.50)
  7. Sincerity (06.39)
  8. In the thicket (01.22)
    Disc Four
    Big Moon Ensemble: Jemeel Moondoc, alto saxophone; Daniel Carter, alto and tenor saxophone, trumpet, cornet; Arthur Williams, trumpet; Roy Campbell, Jr., trumpet; Jay Oliver, bass; Denis Charles, drums; Rashid Bakr, drums; recorded at Saint Mark's Church, New York, 4 May 1979:
  1. Dedication to Kenneth Patchen (24.59)
  2. Hiroshima, part one (16.30)
  3. Hiroshima, part two (28.44)
    Disc Five
    Centering Big Band (Extending the clues): Jemeel Moondoc, alto saxophone; Daniel Carter, alto saxophone; Ricardo Strobert, alto saxophone, flute; David S. Ware, tenor saxophone; Charles Tyler, baritone saxophone; Raphe Malik, trumpet; Roy Campbell, Jr., trumpet; Alex Lodico, trombone; Masahiko Kono, trombone; Zen Matsuura, drums; Lisa Sokolov, voice; Ellen Christi, voice; recorded at Kool Jazz Festival/Soundscape, Irving Plaza, New York, 25 June 1984:
  1. Ankti (12.59)
  2. Munyaovi (14.46)
  3. Palatala (04.35)
  4. Lomahongva (29.10)
  5. Tototo (10.58)
    Disc Six
    Centering Dance Music Ensemble 1976 (Dawn voice): Rozanne Levine, clarinet; Maiik Baraka, trumpet; John Mingione, trumpet; Billy Bang, violin; Ramsey Ameen, violin; Ellen Christi, voice; Patricia Nicholson, choreography, dance; Susan Kuhn, dance; Leslie Levinson, dance; Kenna Lile, dance; recorded at Washington Square Church, New York, 24 October 1976:
  1. Illuminese/Voice (34.07)
  2. Falling shadows (13.06)
  3. Dawn/Face still, hands folded (30.52)
The six CDs come packaged in two separate binders of 3 CDs each, together with a 68-page softback book with colour and black-and-white photographs, colour drawings and text, all housed in a slip case wth the front cover as at the top of this page.

Package and book cover design (front cover reproduced above) by Oskaras Anosovas.

Produced in a limited edition of 1,000 CDs.

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