No Business Records NBCD 49 Hell-bent in the Pacific

Vinny Golia/Marco Eneidi/Lisa Mezzacappa/Vijay Anderson

Vinny Golia, tenor, sopranino and soprano saxophones, Bb and bass clarinets; Marco Eneidi, alto saxophone; Lisa Mezzacappa, acoustic bass; Vijay Anderson, drums.

  1. Meteorites (09.20)
  2. Inessential melancholies (02.55)
  3. Everything imaginable can be dreamed (07.56)
  4. Deformities and discords (01.43)
  5. Pendulum (04.32)
  6. Fumbling fulminations (02.35)
  7. Prisoner of a gaudy and unlivable present (07.38)
  8. Lop-sided heels and frayed shoes (06.59)
  9. Catholic comstocking smut-hound (13.17)
Recorded at New, Improved Recording, Oakland, CA, nd.

Design (front cover reproduced above) by Oskaras Anosovas.

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