No Business Records NBLP 41/42 Live at Kassiopeia

Julius Hemphill/Peter Kowald

Julius Hemphill, soprano and alto saxophones; Peter Kowald, bass.

  1. Solo I [JH]
  2. Solo II [JH]
  3. Solo [PK]
  4. Duo I [JH]
  5. Duo II [JH]
  6. Duo III [JH]
Recorded at Kassiopeia, Wuppertal on 8 January 1987. PK's solo is split between LP sides A and B, and Duo II is split between sides C and D.

Front cover reproduced above. Photographs by Gérard Rouy; design by Oskaras Anosovas.

Produced in a limited edition of 500 LPs.

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