Nu Bop Records 1 Uotha

Angeli Drake

Hamid Drake, drums, voice; Paolo Angeli, Sardinian prepared guitar, voice.

  1. A testa bassa (01.10)
  2. Fuga dal mouse (03.49)
  3. Corpo a corpo (06.14)
  4. The many faces of the beloved (07.21)
  5. Beslan (04.09)
  6. C'è tempo per pensare (04.19)
  7. Specchi d'Arancia (06.59)
  8. Sib & sob (08.27)
Recorded live at Ai confini tra Sardegna e Jazz XIX, Sant'Anna Arresi on 4 September 2004.

Front cover photograph (reproduced above) by Nanni Angeli; artwork by Ale Sordi.

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