Nuscope Recordings CD 1016 Unearth

Kaufmann/Gratkowski/de Joode

Achim Kaufmann, Hamburg Steinway D concert grand piano and extensions; Frank Gratkowski, alto saxophone, clarinet, bass clarinet, contrabass clarinet; Wilbert de Joode, chamber-bass.

  1. Small sky falling (19.20)
  2. No heroes, no shunting hour (10.26)
  3. Calligraphy, both sweet and sour (10.07)
  4. Which could be habit-forming (06.36)
  5. Detour suggestions (01.19)
  6. Kinky textbook logic (05.04)
  7. Barely painted open (06.34)
  8. A world, intoxicant (11.02)
Recorded in Köln, Germany on 28 September 2004 at LOFT.

Artwork (reproduced above) Green Istra #1 by Gabriele Guenther; graphics by Russell Summers.

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