Ninth World Music NWM 008 The technology of touch

P. O. Jørgens

P. O. Jørgens, drums, percussion, marimba, vibraharp, steeldrums, horns; Frydenlund Percussion Ensemble.

  1. A medley of our time (04.58)
  2. The adventure of Hale Bob (06.18)
  3. Shopping with Renée (04.10)
  4. Rigtige maend far pip (04.35)
  5. The time is now (05.43)
  6. Numskull (02.39)
  7. The technology of touch (04.24)
  8. Water bugs (04.55)
  9. Life in a spider's web (02.30)
  10. Connecting with people (the extreme political correctness) (03.25)
  11. The joy of feeding the birds (06.12)
  12. Natural heating system (music minus one) (03.26)
  13. Flower market (a joyful morning with Niels & Dan in N.Y.) (07.16)
Recorded at Ninth World Studio in February/March 1997.

Cover photograph (reproduced above) by Nicolai Howalt; layout by Renée Paaschburg.

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