Ninth World Music NWM 010 Sweethearts in a drugstore

Sweethearts in a drugstore

Alan Silva, keyboard; Johannes Bauer, trombone; Pat Thomas, grand piano, electronics; Phil Durrant, violin, electronics; Peter Friis, bass; P.O. Jørgens, drums, percussion.

  1. A vanished world (11.08)
  2. De Kooning's dream (03.07)
  3. Tsunami (14.47)
  4. The human calculator (03.57)
  5. The anatomy of clouds (11.18)
  6. Blue stallion (12.04)
  7. El niño (02.33)
Recorded live at Den Anden Opera, Copenhagen on 3 May, 1996.

Cover (reproduced above) by P.O. Jørgens and Renée Paaschburg.

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