Ninth World Music NWM 017 Weltmeister

Global Guaranty Orchestra

Henning Frimann, homemade string instruments, bouzouki, oud, accordion, harmonica, harmonium, melodica, flute, bat harp, steel koto, ash bas, trombone, zither, banjo, suo-na shawm; P. O. Jørgens, homemade instruments, vibraphone, drums, percussion, marimba, vibraharp, steeldrums, berimbau, gongs, waterphone, sanza, broken glass, dubachi, water, wind tube, jono 106, talk drums, Oberheim OB-MX, glockenspiel, vocals, spring box, ballophone, bells, programming, treatments, arrangements.

  1. A Northern wedding (05.14)
  2. The dwarfs from La-La Land (05.25)
  3. Music for sky dancers (04.30)
  4. Grande tourismo (05.15)
  5. Papa Re Ba's party (04.39)
  6. We'll be home by sunset (03.52)
  7. Weltmeister (07.05)
  8. Angeleye's last gundown (07.10)
  9. Down the drain (04.23)
  10. Purple box (05.37)
  11. It's hard to teach an elephant to dance (04.32)
  12. Going for another adventure (03.32)
Recorded at Ninth World Studio in 1998.

Cover (reproduced above) by P. O. Jørgens; layout by Renée Paaschburg.

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