Ninth World Music NWM 021 Second edition

Sweethearts in a drugstore

Axel Dörner, trumpet; Johannes Bauer, trombone; Pat Thomas, piano, keyboard, electronics; Phil Durrant, violin, electronics; Peter Friis Nielsen, bass; P.O. Jørgens, drums, percussion.

  1. Big Thompson (05.55)
  2. Phobos and Deimos (06.12)
  3. Communism peak (04.26)
  4. Orlando (03.17)
  5. Gunpowder coloured sky (03.00)
  6. A special kind of red (11.16)
  7. Six of a kind (06.23)
  8. The secret life of Emanuel Rudnitsky (05.20)
  9. The south sandwich (05.14)
Recorded at Sound Track, Copenhagen on 21 August 1999.

Cover (reproduced above) by Renée Paaschburg.

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