Ninth World Music NWM 047 Long as in short, walk as in run


Annie Lewandowski, piano, preparations; Fred Frith, electric guitar, preparations.

  1. Night owls (11.30)
  2. Standsee warble (02.41)
  3. Riogesia (04.32)
  4. My winter condition (03.21)
  5. Stared at the bird statue and tried to think (05.48)
  6. Sympathy twigs (07.33)
  7. Dockandoilish (04.38)
  8. Ice canvas (01.53)
Recorded in the Littlefield Concert Hall, Mills College on 4 May 2010.

Cover design (reproduced above) by Heike Liss; layout by Renée Paaschburg.

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