Oaksmus omH02 Game and earnest

Dietrich Eichmann/Christoph Grund/Uwe Kremp/Wolfgang von Stürmer/Wolfgang Rihm

Dietrich Eichmann, piano, composer; Christoph Grund, composer, sound director; Uwe Kremp, composer, guitars; Wolfgang von Stürmer, composer, turntables; Wolfgang Rihm, chess player; Annemi Egri, chess player; Reimar Volker, alto and baritone saxophones.

    Game and earnest
  1. (08.37)
  2. (11.01)
  3. (10.45)
  4. (06.14)
  5. (07.46)
  6. (09.22)
  7. Epilogue
  8. (06.38)
Recorded on 11 December 1989 at SDR Studio, Karlsruhe.

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