Ogun OGCD 019 SOS

Alan Skidmore/Mike Osborne/John Surman

Alan Skidmore, tenor saxophone, drums, percussion; Mike Osborne, alto saxophone, percussion; John Surman, baritone and soprano saxophones, bass clarinet, synthesisers.

  1. Country dance (03.58)
  2. Wherever I am (07.55)
  3. Chordary (04.06)
  4. Where's junior (03.31)
  5. Cycle motion (03.34)
  6. Ist (05.26)
  7. Goliath (04.31)
  8. Calypso (10.46)
Electronics recorded on 2/3 January 1975; album recorded and mixed 9-11 February 1975 at Saturn Studios, Worthing.

Cover design (reproduced above) by David Ilic/Strong Silent Type using elements of the original LP sleeve designed by Ogun; photos by Jak Kilby.

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