Ogun OGCD 029 All night long: the Willisau concert

Mike Osborne Trio

Mike Osborne, alto saxophone; Louis Moholo, drums; Harry Miller, bass.

  1. All night long/Rivers (07.14)
  2. Round midnight (04.55)
  3. Scotch pearl (08.51)
  4. Waltz (07.05)
  5. Ken's tune/Country bounce/All night long/Trio trio (23.26)
  6. Scotch pearl (03.58)
  7. Now and then, here and now (22.38)
Tracks 1-6 recorded live at Willisau, Switzerland on 13 April 1975; track 7 recorded live in Europe, nd.

Tracks 1-5 previously released on LP in 1976 as OG700.

Cover design (reproduced above) originally by Niklaus Troxler; CD layout and additional design by David Ilic.

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