Ogun OGCD 033 Pipedream

Mark Charig

Mark Charig, cornet, tenor horn; Keith Tippett, organ, zither, piano, voice, bell; Ann WInter, voice, bell.

  1. Bellaphon (15.50)
  2. Ghostly chances (07.08)
  3. Vega (00.59)
  4. Ode to the ghost of an improvised past (07.18)
  5. Pavanne (07.19)
  6. Pipedream (07.12)
  7. The trio gets lost in the magic forest (07.50)
Recorded at St. Stephen's Church, Southmead, Bristol on 14/15 January 1977.

Tracks 1-6 originally released on LP as Ogun OG710.

Front cover (reproduced above) painting by Mick Rooney; sleeve design by David Ilic.

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