Ogun OG 523 In conference

Harry Miller

Harry Miller Sextet: Harry Miller, bass; Willem Breuker, soprano and tenor saxophones, bass clarinet; Trevor Watts, alto and soprano saxophones; Julie Tippetts, voice; Keith Tippett, piano; Louis Moholo, drums.

  1. Traumatic experience (12.55)
  2. Orange grove (07.50)
  3. Dancing Damon (11.10)
  4. New baby (06.19)
  5. Traumatic experience closed (01.24)
Recorded at Redan Recorders, London on 27 January 1978. Sleeve design (reproduced above) by Liz Walton; photograph by Rob Botemann.

Re-issued on CD in 1999 as part of Harry Miller box set.

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